Flame Artist

VFX Supervisor

With more than 20 and more years of experience, I started with Henry Infinity (Quantel), Smoke, and finally Flame. The companies I worked for are Telson, Molinare, Chimney, Filmworks, WindMill Lane, MPC, Optix, Glassworks, Deluxe… as Flame artist and also as VFX Supervisor, with some of my projects being awarded in Andy, Linx, Sol, Cannes, Promax.. and after all these years I decided to start my own company: Morgan VFX, specialized in Compositing.


We are experts in remote work, offering a variety of solutions to work evenly, including streaming, SFTP, and different cloud options, depending on the confidentiality/workflow request of your company.


I have been working in major VFX and post-production companies around the globe as a Flame artist and VFX Supervisor, leading teams and projects, and working with the most talented International Directors from every corner of the World.


We take care of every detail during the pre-production and shooting to achieve great results during the post-production, giving special attention to the Producers, VFX Producers and Directors along the length of the project.


Interested in look-dev, I consider Flame the best tool to do so as it offers a huge variety of tools and ways to approach any project, but we are open to using whatever software/tool available to achieve the best result.