Who we are

Eduardo has been working for more than 20 years in major VFX and post-production companies around the globe as a Flame artists and VFX Supervisor, leading teams and projects, and working with the most talented International Directors from every corner of the World.

Arturo on the other hand has been Creative Director in different well known agencies in Spain and awarded with Cannes Lions, Sol, New York TVF, FIAP... We are adding now all our strengths together and merging both worlds to create Morgan VFX.

We know well how this works from different perspectives, we know the challenges you are facing, and we are willing to ease your next project helping in every step as your partner. We offer you a team of colourist, compositors, modellers, animators, editors and motion graphics artist.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

What we do

We take care of every detail during the pre-production and shooting to achieve great results during the post-production, giving special attention to the Producers, VFX Producers and Directors along the length of the project.

And although the creativity and imagination are an important part of the process, the technical part and the resources are a major actor in this process. 

Flames, Nukes, Lustre, DaVinci, Maya, Houdini, AE and Premiere are our main tools, but the core of the company are our artist.

We also offer a solution for remote work, as a virtual SAN in the cloud and a fast file transfer system to be able to work collaboratively with broadcasters, helping to keep safety and confidentiality at the same time that we keep workflows fluent and fast.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!