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Post production & VFX

Morgan VFX provides post-production services such as grading, compositing, 3D, VFX, editing and on-set supervision for advertising, content, drama and feature films. We love working closely with creatives, brands, agencies, directors, producers and production companies to achieve their goals by offering a personalised approach to problem solving, whether our clients are in Amsterdam, South Africa, Dubai or Vancouver. We are a small boutique but we count with a network of artist from all around the globe.


Online and effects is our thing, but while everything can be fixed in post, early intervention works best, and experience has taught us that it’s best to begin collaborating at the earliest stages, sorting out issues prior to the shoot. Animated storyboards and 3D visualisations are imperative for technical process, but essentially makes the creative vision come to life.  We love coming with ideas to ease and master the visual piece we are creating together, from matte painting, look development, motion graphics… all you can imagine. We love bidding against the giants to show we can deliver not only a better product but do it faster, more creatively and at a better price point. Challenge us on your next project.

Remote work

Morgan VFX is a Madrid-base boutique studio but we have a global view. There is a small shift happening in boutique houses who are working hard to manage risk and maximise on talent that exists all over the world, realising the power of having an extended network of workers. It is the ability of the studio to manage logistics, sure up security needs, and leverage the advantages (over the disadvantages) to achieve this tricky balance. We provide and facilitate different tools, with special care in terms of confidentiality through encryption, data integrity and user access control to work as closely as if you were right to our side, with immediate feedback and quick response with a tremendous cost savings and productivity boost.

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